Nanotrack ranges

A test tube to record temperature of biological samples 

This temperature tracker called is dedicated to medical laboratories who have to guarantee temperature traceability of biological samples as planned in NF-EN-ISO-15189 norm.

Nanotrack® is very simple to use. You check the conformity of your biological samples with a simple finger push on its cap. Only one glance to its LED display ensure you the perceived temperature by your samples has not exceeded the defined thresholds (for example, during preanalytical phase, during a journey from the patient home to the medical laboratories)


Nanotrack® are available in several versions to satisfy your needs:

– 3 temperature ranges
– 3 types of activation delay (15 min, 30 min and 60 min)

Choose your activation delay (15, 30 or 60 minutes).
When the Nanotrack® measures a temperature above a threshold, the corresponding LED is not immediatly activated. The temperature should go over the threshold longer than the minimum delay for the Nanotrack to register the non-compliance.


Download Nanotrack’s datasheet


Nanotrack Centri ®
The innovative temperature recorder

NanotrackCentriMost of the biological samples are thermosensitives, their temperature has to be strictly followed-up during the pre-analytical phase in order to ensure the traceability of temperature variations.
The temperature recorder Nanotrack® centri controls the temperature during the centrifugation of biological samples.

The temperature can be now measured from inside the centrifuge thanks to a temperature control placed in a holder, like a 7ml taking tube.
Indeeed, thanks to its 7ml tube shape, it can be placed easily in a classical holder, like a tube of takings used in medical laboratories, research laboratories, pharmaceuticals and cosmetic laboratories…

Download Nanotrack Centri’s datasheet