The first test tube able to record the temperature of biological samples during the pre-analytical phase (compliant ISO 15189).


Only one finger push on the Nanotrack® cap is needed to check the compliance of your samples. A continuous push (5 seconds) on the cap resets the Nanotrack®.


The Nanotrack® “control tube“ fits in most of traditional biological samples transport boxes. Nanotrack® dimensions are equal to a 7mL test tube (14 mm x 120 mm)..


The colored LED display validates the samples compliance. Green LED means that the samples have been maintained in an acceptable temperature range during their transportation.


Calibrate your Nanotrack® yourself in accordance with the ISO-15189norm.  With our tablet application, calibrate your Nanotrack® straight in the laboratory.

9 configurations to perfectly fit your needs

Nanotrack® are available in several combinations of 3 temperature ranges and 3 types of activation delay (15 min, 30 min and 60 min)

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Testimonies of Nanotrack® users


Julie. 27 y/o. Nurse.

“ Every morning, I go to my patient’s home to get blood samples. Once done, I put the samples in my case with my Nanotrack. I can now be sure that during the transport the temperature will be correctly measured thanks to this test tube. I very easily insert the Nanotrack in the collecting box as it has a shape of sample tube ! Then I press 5 seconds on the cap to start the measure and I am ready to leave to my collecting point. Once arrived, pressing shortly the button allows the biologist to check directly the compliance of the samples. ”


Stéphane. 38 y/o. Quality specialist.

“ Following to our last ISO-15189 audit, we had to find a way to monitor the temperature of biological samples we transport between our different labs. We decided to order Nanotrack because they are very simple to use and by using them we save a lot of time (and money) in our quality processes. The Nanotrack records the temperature of transported samples and give us directly the results with thresholds and colors. A green,orange or red light shines and I just have to go to to enter in a few clics the results in the online software and save the history of my temperature records. ”

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